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Item Code   Title Avail. v Price Add
SPKLOLS21 Logitech LS21 STEREO SPEAKER 2.1 System Black Yes 26.00
SPKGENS4600 Gigabyte/Edifier USB Speaker 2.0 slick design Yes 9.90
SPKLOZ323 Logitech Z323 Speakers 2.1 30W (Zseries) 360 degree Yes 59.14
SPKCRT10 Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Speakers Yes 41.00
SPKCRT20 Creative Gigaworks T20 Series 2 Speakers Yes 78.00
SPKCRSBSA60 Creative SBSA60 Speakers 2.0, Black, 2 x2W RMS/Channel, Built-in Bass Port, Magnetically Shielded, 75db Yes 17.00
SPKLOZ506 Logitech Z506 Surround Speakers 5.1, 75 watts (RMS), Ported, down-firing subwoofer, 3D Stereo, Dedicated bass control Yes 76.90
SPKCRT6300 Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 surround speaker system, Dual Slot Enclosure louder & deeper, IFP design, Adjustable bass, 2 larger s Yes 73.00
SPKCRGWT40SII Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speakers, 2 channel, Power Rating: 32W RMS, Speaker Power: 16W RMS per channel Yes 107.99
SPKLOLOZ120 Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 Yes 17.99
SPKLOZ523 Logitech Z523 Speakers 2.1 Compact Satellites,40W" Yes 78.99
SPKSOSRSM50 SONY SRSM50 Portable Speakers Black Sony's SRS-M50 Call 42.38
SPKFDA110 F&D A110 Heavy Duty Metal Grille 2.1 Speakers, 4" Full Range/4" Bass Driver, AVR, 35W RMS Call 45.00
SPKCRSBAXXSBX20 Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Multi-Core SB-Axx1 Processor, Dual Mic, Enhanced Hands-free, Superi Call 105.73
SPKLOZ553 Logitech 980-000651 Z553 2.1 Speaker System Call 128.40
SPKAULAP2020 Auluxe CASA AP2020 i Phone i Pod docking Wooden Speaker with Charger Call 594.88
SPKMLFC50BT Microlab FC50 Finecone Powerful Subwoofer Speaker System 2.1, Bluetooth HC2D (High Clarity Close Distance) technology, Black, 54 Call 82.95
SPKMLM910 Microlab M-910 2.1 powerful speaker system with digital music, PCM sound input, 45 Watt RMS, Wooden cabinets, Mp3, Mp4, CD/DVD m Call 70.18
SPKHPNQ576AA   HP NQ576AA LCD Speaker Bar Call 23.10
SPKANSP1BK Antec SP1-BK (Red with Black) Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone/conference call support Call 73.00
SPKMLM700U51 Microlab M-700U 5.1 audio speaker, RMS power: 60.5W (7.5W*5 +23W), subwoofer, Remote Control Call 76.23
SPKLOZ623 Logitech Z623 Speaker System 2.1 THX certified speakers Call 145.75
SPKCRT30 Creative GigaWorks T30 2.0 Wireless Speakers with NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, BasXport® technology, aptX® audio, SBC, A2DP, Si Call 124.00
SPKMLFC10BK Microlab MIC-FC10-BK Finecone Powerful Stereo 2.0 Speaker with DSP technology, Black, Total Power: 30 Watt RMS, Uniquely shaped, Call 56.67
SPKCRT3150W Creative T3150W Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker, AptX, Compatible with stereo Bluetooth device, Superb bass, Volume control Call 54.99
SPKCRAIRWAVEGY Creative AIRWAVE-GY Airewave Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Dark Gery Call 64.96
SPKMLM700U Microlab M-700U audio 2.1 speaker, RMS power: 46W (14W*2 +18W), Subwoofer, FM Radio, Wireless remote control Call 54.99
SPKFDA333U F&D A333U 2.1 Speakers, 3" Full Range/6.5" Bass Driver, USB/SD Card, MP3/WMA Decoding, Total 42W Call 79.01
SPKMLMD112WH Microlab MIC-MD112-WH Portable iPhone/iPod Speaker, White, SD card media reader, FM radio, 3.5mm connection, Call 20.60
SPKCRT3300 Creative Inspire T3300 High-performance 2.1 speaker system, 5.5 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels), 16 Watts RMS subwoofer, adju Call 57.99
SPKAULAW2021 Auluxe DEW AM2021 2.1 Wooden Speaker (black, White, Maple) Call 311.85
SPKLOZ313 Logitech Z313 Speakers 2.1 25watts Call 46.17
SPKWATERFOUNTAINLED Water Fountain LED Light Speakers Black/White Call 34.32
SPKMLFC530U Microlab FC530U FInecone 2.1 Wooden Speakers, Support digital music playback and FM radio, 64 Watt RMS, 5.25" subwoofer Call 76.23
SPKANSP1WH Antec SP1-WH (White and Red) Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone/conference call support Call 71.39
SPKMLM191051 Microlab M-1910 5.1 powerful speaker system with PCM, OPTICAL connector Call 101.92
SPKMLB56 Microlab B-56 2.0 USB Power Stereo Speaker, Wooden, Wired control, For PC / Notebook, 3.5 mm connector Call 16.83
SPKCRT4 Creative T4 2.1 Wireless Speaker System with NFC Optical input and Audio Control Call 314.16
SPKMLFC10WH Microlab MIC-FC10-WH Finecone Powerful Stereo 2.0 Speaker with DSP technology, White, Total Power: 30 Watt RMS, Uniquely shaped, Call 59.14
SPKMLMD212BK Microlab MD212 Bluetooth iPhone/Tablets Stereo Dock Speaker System, Black Call 34.32
SPKCRAIRWAVEHDBK Creative AIRWAVEHD-BK Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC Black Call 112.86
SPKMLSOLO1C Microlab SOLO1C GAMER's audio speaker Call 81.07
SPKFDR215 F&D R215 Wooden Cabinet 2.0 Speakers, 3" Full Range Drivers, Magnetically Shielded, Total 6W, Black Call 34.72
SPKMLMD112RD Microlab MIC-MD112-RD Portable iPhone/iPod Speaker, Red, SD card media reader, FM radio, 3.5mm connection,, Rechargeable battery Call 23.10
SPKCRSBSA550 Creative SBS-A550 5.1 speaker, DSE design louder and deeper playback, IFP extended flare surrounding the satellite driver , Adju Call 63.00
SPKCRT6160 Creative Inspire T6160, 5.1 channel Speakers Call 62.98
SPKAULAM1021 Auluxe EASE AM1021 2.1 4"Subwoofer Wooden Speaker (Maple) Call 306.08
SPKLOZ130 Logitech Z130 Speakers 2.0 2.0 - Rich stereo sound - Easy to control - Built-in headphone jack - Simple setup Call 24.00
SPKFDSWANBK F&D Swan W18BT Zinc Alloy Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Speaker, Speakerphone, Volume Control, Black Call 95.08
SPKMLH21BK Microlab H21 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 bookshelf stereo speakers, Black, Output power: 36 Watt RMS, Treble and bass effects, 3.5mm Call 91.12
SPKANSP1GN Antec SP1-GN (Green) Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone/conference call support Call 76.23
SPKAULAW1010 Auluxe Aurora AW1010 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker White Call 192.39
SPKMLM29011 Microlab M290 (11) audio speaker 2.1, RMS power: 40W (10 Watt x 2 + 20 Watt), Bass reflex tunnel technology for deeper bass eff Call 34.32
SPKCRSBSA50 Creative SBSA50 Speakers 2.0, USB, 1Wx2 RMS/Channel, Built-in Bass Port, Magnetically Shielded, 70db, Volume Control (Black) Call 15.00
SPKMLFC50BK Microlab FC50 Finecone Powerful 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System with HC2D technology, Black, 54 Watt RMS Call 67.38
SPKMLMD212RD Microlab MD212 Bluetooth iPhone/Tablets Stereo Dock Speaker System, Red Call 26.05
SPKCRT3 Creative Gigaworks T3 2.1 Speakers Call 183.98
SPKCRAIRWAVEHDRD Creative AIRWAVEHD-RD Portable Wireless Speaker with NFC Red Call 112.86
SPKMLSOLO2C Microlab SOLO2C GAMER's audio speaker Call 91.12
SPKFDA320 F&D A320 Heavy Duty Metal Grille 2.1 Speakers, 3" Full Range/6.5" Bass, AVR, Wired Remote, 41W RMS Call 68.12
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