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Wattage: 0 - 550W, 1050+W, 551 - 650W, 651 - 750W, 751 - 850W, 851 - 950W, 951 - 1050W
Brand: Antec, Coolermaster, Corsair, Fractal, FSP, Gigabyte, Other, Seasonic, Silverstone, Thermaltake
Plating: Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Standard
Type: Modular, Standard
Item Code   Title Avail. v Price Add
PSUGW550W Great Wall GW 550W/650W 120mm Silent Fan Power Supply Retail Yes 45.00
PSUTTOEM500W Thermaltake 500W PSU OEM Yes 49.00
PSU500W12 420W/500W With 12CM FAN ATX Reliable/Super Quiet Power Supply Yes 29.00
PSUCMRS700ACABD3 Coolermaster Thunder 700W PSU Active PFC 85% Efficiency RS-700-ACAB-D3 Yes 89.00
PSUCMRS750AMAAB1 CoolerMaster RS-750-AMAA-B1 G750M Series 750W 80+ Bronze Semi Modular Yes 115.35
PSUANHCG520 Antec HCG-520 High Current Gamer Power Supply 520w, 80 PLUS Bronze, 135mm fan, +12V rail(s), 2x PCI-E, 6x SATA, 6x Molex Yes 88.73
PSUANVP650P Antec 650W Strictly Power Supply, VP-650P 120mm fan w/ Active PFC, Dual +12V rails, 1x PCI-E, 6x SATA, 6x Molex, 2 Years Warra Yes 87.53
PSUCMRS600ACABD3 Coolermaster Thunder 600W PSU Active PFC 85% Efficiency RS-600-ACAB-D3 Yes 75.00
PSUCOVS350 Corsair CMPSU-VS350 VS350 ATX Power Supply, 120mm fan, 1x PCI-E, 4x SATA, 3x Molex, Single Rail Design, 3-Year Warranty Yes 44.28
PSUCOCMPSURM850   Corsair CMPSU-RM850 850W RM-850 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Gold Certified, Full Modular, 5 Year Warranty Yes 219.00
PSUCOCMPSURM750 750W "Corsair" RM750 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Gold Certified, Full Modular, 5 Year Warranty Yes 188.00
PSUCOCMPSURM1000   Corsair CMPSU-RM1000 1000W RM-1000 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Gold Certified, Full Modular, 5 Year Warranty Yes 259.00
PSUSSST75FP 750W SilverStone ST75F-P 80Plus Silver, 100% Modular cable, Silent 135mmFan with 19dBA, 4x 6pin PCI-E Yes 138.89
PSUANHCG620M 620W Antec HCG-620M High Current Gamer Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze, 135mm fan, High Current +12V rail(s), 2x PCI-E Yes 109.00
PSUCOCX500M 500W Corsair CX-500M Modular ATX Power Supply,80 PLUS Bronze, 120mm fan, 2x PCI-E, 6x SATA, 4x Molex, 3 Year Warranty Yes 89.00
PSUCOCS750M Corsair CS750M 750W ATX Power Supply, 80+ Gold Certified, Semi-Modular Design, 1x (4+4)pin EPS, 4x (6+2)pin PCIE, 3yrs. Warranty Yes 147.00
PSUCOAX1200I Corsair AX-1200i 1200w 80 PLUS Platinum Certified ATX Power Supply CMPSU-AX1200i The Worlds First Enthusiast-Grade Digital Yes 438.00
PSUCOCX600M 600W Corsair CX-600M ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified,Modular Power Supply Yes 103.00
PSUFSPAM1000PRO FSP Aurum PRO Series Modular 1000W PSU, 80PLUS Gold, 135m HDB FAN, 1x 24Pin, 2x 4+4Pin, 1x 8Pin EPS, 8x 6+2Pin PCIE, 10x SATA, 5 Yes 211.05
PSUCOCMPSURM650 Corsair CMPSU-RM650 650W RM-650 Full Modular 80 PLUS Gold Certified, 5 Year Warranty ATX Power Supply Yes 159.00
PSUANHCG520M 520W Antec HCG-520M High Current Gamer Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze, 135mm fan, High Current+12V rail(s), 2x PCI-E Yes 98.00
PSUTESTER Computer / PC Power Supply Tester Yes 17.60
PSUCO860AXI Corsair AX860i 860W ATX Power Suppl, 80 PLUSPlatinum Certified,Full Modular - The World's First Enthusiast-Grade Digital ATX Pow Yes 310.70
PSUCOCS550M Corsair CS550M ATX Power Supply, 80+ Gold Certified, Semi-Modular Design, 1x (4+4)pin EPS, 4x (6+2)pin PCIE, 3yrs. Warranty Yes 114.99
PSUCOCX750M Corsair CX750M 750W Modular ATX Power CMPSU-750CXM 80 PLUS Bronze Certified, 2x PCI-E, 8x SATA, 8x Molex, 3 Year Warranty Yes 135.00
PSUUSB5V Wall plug 100-240v to USB 5v adaptor to charge/power up all USB devices including mobile phones Yes 16.50
PSUSSST1000GEVO Silverstone ST1000-G-EVO 1000W 80PLUS Gold, 100% Modular Cable,2x 8Pin EPS,4x 6+2Pin PCIE,2x 6Pin PCIE. Ultra Silent AP141 Yes 215.71
PSUGW1200W Greatwall GW-1200SEL 1000w/1200w power supply, 80 PLUS gold, modular, APFC Yes 192.39
PSUWT550WOEM Widetech 550W 120mm Silent Fan Power Supply OEM Yes 28.60
NBACCOMPAQ177623B21 Compaq/HP power adaptor fits 177623-B21 Laptop AC Adapter Compaq Original Yes 72.60
PSUWT750W Widetech 750W 12cm Fan PSU 80 PLUS Active PFC Yes 69.00
PSUTESTERLCD Power Supply Tester with LCD display Yes 23.10
PSUSSST55FG 550W "SilverStone" ST55F-G Power Supply, 80Plus Gold, 100% Modular cable, Silent 135mmFan with 18dBA, 2x8pin PCI-E, 4x6pin PCI-E Yes 112.86
PSUANBP350 Antec BP350 Basiq Power Supply, ATX12V version 2.01 compliant, Dual +12V Outputs, 80mm fan, 350W SATA connectors, Power Factor C Yes 42.00
PSUCO760AX Corsair AX760 760W 100% Modular ATX CMPSU-760AX 80 PLUS Platinum Certified, Single Rail Design with High Quality Japanese Yes 248.33
PSUCOAX1500I Corsair AX1500i ATX Power Supply - The world's most technically advanced enthusiast PC power supply Yes 520.91
PSUANHCP1000PLAT 1000W Antec High Current Pro HCP 1000 PSU, 80 PLUS Platinum, High Current +12V rail(s), 7 year warranty Call 303.77
CSCCCF341B Casecom CF-341Blue 500W PSU Call 53.13
PSUFDPSUIN2B750 Fractal Design Integra R2 750W PSU - 80 Plus Bronze Call 120.10
PSUACCSSPP05 Silverstone PP05 ATX Short Cable Kit for Strider series Modular PSU Call 29.17
PSUCM21CPSGX2650 Cooler Master PSU (Cabled), 650W 80+ Bronze, GX2, 85%, 120mm Blue LED Fan, 2xPCIE, Single Rail Call 112.27
PSUSSX650V3 Seasonic X-650 80Plus Gold 650W V3 Power supply Call 186.56
PSUANTPC550 Antec TPC-550 True Power Classic 550W. 80Plus Gold. Up to 92% Efficiency, 2x High current +12V Rails. 2 x 6+2 PCI-E. 20% energy Call 110.00
PSUCO860AX Corsair AX860 860W 100% Modular ATX CMPSU-860AX 80 PLUS Platinum Certified, Single Rail Design Call 289.00
PSUANHCP1300PLAT Antec HCP-1300 Platinum 80PLUS Platinum.100% Modular PSU, 94% Efficiency, 2 x EPS 8Pin, 10x PCI-E (6+2), 9x SATA, 6x Molex, Hasw Call 391.55
PSUCOCP8920009 Corsair CP-8920009 Black Colour - Corsair Individually Sleeved Modular Cable Kits for Corsair AX850/AX750/AX650 PSU ONLY, 9Piece Call 67.76
PSUFDPSUTS2B1000 Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000W PSU - 80 Plus Gold Call 241.40
PSUFSPHEXA500 500W "FSP" Hexa Series PSU, Black Colour, 120mm Fan, 1x 20+4pin, 1x 4pin ATX, 4x SATA, 4x Molex, 2x 6pin PCIE , 2 Year Warranty# Call 50.95
PSUANEA450PL 450W "Antec" EA-450 Platinum Power Supply, 80PLUS PLATINUM Certified, 120mm fan, 2x 6+2pin PCI-E, 5x SATA, 4x Molex Call 118.00
PSUTTEVO850MPCGAU   Thermaltake 850w EVO Blue 2.0 Cable Management Colourshift PSU [80 Plus Gold] Call 227.37
PSUFSP300TFX FSP 300W FSP-300-60GHT-85 TFX PSU. 80Plus Bronze 2 x 12V Rails, Low ripple & noise, Resettable power shut down , 100% burn-in te Call 51.87
PSUSSP660V2 Seasonic 80Plus Platinum Series 660W Power Supply Call 215.71
PSUSSST75FGS Silverstone 750W 80PLUS Gold, Full Modular Cable, 2x 8Pin EPS, 2x 6+2Pin PCIE, 2x 6Pin PCIE. Ultra Silent AP141 FDB Fan with FF1 Call 158.47
PSUSSX1250WMGD Seasonic X-Series 1250W PSU - 80Plus Gold Call 368.45
PSUSSTFX350WOEM Seasonic TFX 350W 80+ GOLD OEM Call 78.65
PSUSSTST70FESB SilverStone SST-ST70F-ESB 700w Strider Essential PSU [80 Plus Bronze] Call 101.92
PSUCOGS800 800W Corsair CMPSU-800GSv2 GS800 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified,Fanless Operation At Low Load- A Quiet Call 143.42
PSUSS300SFD Seasonic SS-300SFD Active PFC 300W SFX Power Supply Call 49.34
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