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Length: 3m
Connection: A to B
Brand: D-Link, Other, Sandisk
Chipset (nVidia/ATi): Other
Channel: Others
Type: USB
Interface Slot (AGP/PCI/PCIe): USB
Interface: USB
Speed: USB2.0
Item Code   Title Avail. v Price Add
NWBTGEN11 USB Bluetooth Adapter V2.0 dongle Yes 5.00
NWHUSB11 4 Port USB2.0, fast data access with transfer rate up to 480Mbps plug and play daisy chain multiple hubs to max 127 devices Yes 6.00
NWHUSB34 Powerful 4-Port USB3.0 Hub with Power UH-3004 - Each port provides up to 900mA Yes 30.03
IOUSB34 PCIE-USB3.0 4Port PCI-E card Yes 29.32
NWHUSB07P 7 Port USB2.0 Hub with Power Yes 14.00
VIDUSBAV2240 UGA USB 2.0 Full HD 1080p Display Adapter DVI/HDMI w/Audio (1920x1080) Yes 59.00
ADUSBDAVIONUSB520 Davion USB 520 ALL IN ONE 2.0 amps charger, works with ALL Smart phone /Tablet suitable. Yes 19.00
IOUSB30PCIE USB3.0 PCI-E Expansion 2 Port NEC PCIE Card Yes 19.00
CBUSB3 USB 2.0 AM-BM 3m Printer cable Yes 5.78
CEINCARUSBCHARGER Mini Incar USB Charger suitable for All USB Powered Devices including Samsung, HTC and Apple iPhone Ipad etc Yes 12.87
PSUUSB5V Wall plug 100-240v to USB 5v adaptor to charge/power up all USB devices including all mobile phones use USB Yes 9.00
IPACC11 Apple IPhone 5 USB data cable converter adapter Converts any Apple 4 or below cable into an Iphone 5 cable Yes 17.60
IOATCPUU3V3 Astrotek PCI Express VLI USB 3.0 3+1 Port Card Call 32.89
PWPCHKPBA5200 Huntkey 'Galaxy DUO' Ultra Slim Duo Port Power Bank PBB5200 mAh For Smartphones & iPod Call 42.24
ADUSBATUSB3IN1 Astrotek 3 in 1 USB Data Charger Cable Adapter For iPhone 3/4/5/iPad/Samsung S2/S3/S4/HTC Call 15.00
IOUSB3PCMCIA PCMCIA Express USB3.0 2 Port Card Call 26.18
IOPCISTLABU22   ST Lab U22 USB 2.0 2 Port PCI-USB Card (U164) Call 18.15
IOUSB24   USB2.0 v2.0 2/4 Port PCI Card Call 14.30
NWHUBMBHUB716 MBEAT HUB-716 7 Port USB Hub, USB 3.0 x 1 + USB 2.0 x 6 hub with 2.1A smart charging function Call 33.61
HDDTADAE400 ADATA DashDrive Air AE400 Wireless Storage, Card Reader and Power Bank for all USB devices Call 84.98
MEMUSBCORCMFSS316GB   Corsair CMFSS3-16GB USB 3.0 16GB Flash Drive Survivor Stealth, Military-style, Aluminum housing, Waterproof to 200m, Vibration- Call 36.69
MEMUSB232GB Sandisk USB Drive 32GB USB2.0 Flash Drive Call 20.70
IOUSBPCM1 PCMCIA USB2.0 2 port Call 24.64
ADUSBDAVIONLIGHTNINGAD Davion USB 520 (Lightning adapter Connector) For i Phone 5 and new generation i Pad Call 6.00
NWHUSBTLUH720 TP-Link UH720 USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 2 Charging Ports Call 69.00
NWHATUGSERV Astrotek External 4+1 USB Hub over IP Gigabit Server, 1 x Gigabit Network connector, 4 x USB Independent Port, 1 x Shared USB Po Call 77.32
ACCCIGHKUSBCHARGEPLUS Huntkey Changeable USB Charger Kit - w/ USB Car Charger; iPad/iPhone cable; Travel AC Plug Adaptor Call 27.17
NWHUSBDUB1340 D-Link DUB-1340 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub Call 62.83
NWHUSBDIDUBH7 Dlink DUB-H7 7-Port USB2.0 Hub For PC/iMAC Call 42.63
CEINCARUSBCHARGERTWIN Mini Incar TWIN USB Charger suitable for All USB Powered Devices including Samsung, HTC and Apple iPhone Ipad etc Call 15.84
ACCCIGUSBCHRG   USB Car Charger KBE-K01 (Type A) with 3.5mm DC Jack and Mini USB Call 15.40
NWHUSBATENUE2120H   Aten UE-2120H 4-Port USB 2.0 Extender Hub - extend the distance between a computer and USB device(s) up to 12 meters Call 50.85
KVMATENCS1792 Aten CS-1792 2 Port USB HDMI KVMP Switch with DOLBY Audio, USB Hub - Cables Included Call 224.46
ADUSBHKTRAVEL Huntkey USB Charger Travel Adapter with AC Plugs for AU/NZ/USA/Japan/UK/HK/EU ( 5V2.1A) Call 23.10
CBUSBPQIICABLEMULTI90 PQI i-Cable Multi Plug 90mm, Chargers None, Black, Blister Package (USB (M) / 8 Pin lightning (M) / 30pin (M) / Micro USB (M)) Call 23.10
IPACCIWTCD001 iWALK "Dolphin Wall" Dual USB Travel Charger for iPhone / iPod / iPad Call 22.33
NWCCUSBGEN31 USB 10/100 NIC RJ45 Lan ethernet/network card/adapter Call 16.50
NWHUBJ5JUH340 J5create J5-JUH340 USB 3.0, 4-port Mini Hub, Fast Charging, Bus-Powered or DC Powered, Aluminium, Slim Design, Windows and MAC Call 34.32
KVMATENCS1732B Aten CS-1732B 2 Port USB KVMP Switch with audio and OSD / USB 2.0 Hub - Cables Included Call 138.30
ACCCIGHKCARLIGHTNING Huntkey Car Charging Lightning MFI Cable 5V1A for Apple iPhone 5; iPad Mini; iPod Nano 7th Gen Call 22.95
CEBATTLPB10400 TP-LINK TL-PB10400 10400mAh Portable Power Bank Call 49.00
NWHUSB10 10 Port USB 2.0 Hub with Power Call 16.83
CBUSB3CBUSB301   USB 3.0 2 PORT BRACKET CABLE 20 PIN TO 2 USB 3.0 (CB-USB3-01) Case Back Panel Call 15.40
PSUATUSBPWR   Astrotek USB Power charger 1x USB Female Port 5V1A, White Colour suit most mobile phones with USB cable Call 8.00
NWHUSB3X4BEXT External USB3.0 4 Port Hub High Speed Port Max 5Gb/s with power supply, Plug & Play Call 19.90
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