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Length: 10m
Brand: Asus, Other
Connection: Extension
Type: Monitor / Display, Other
Chipset (nVidia/ATi): Other
Interface Slot (AGP/PCI/PCIe): USB
Item Code   Title Avail. v Price Add
TVREMLOG915000201 Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote Control Unit - more than just a remote! Yes 289.00
TVREMLOG915000207 Logitech 915-000207 Harmony Touch Remote Controls 15 devices Yes 165.90
TVDTVLTDV1000S Leadtek Winfast DTV1000S PCI TV Tuner Call 42.77
TVREMLOG915000249 Logitech HARMONY ULTIMATE ONE Touch Screen IR Remote Control Call 178.95
TVREMLOG650 Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Controls 5 devices Call 61.60
TVAVA867R2D AverMedia A867R-2D AVerTV Volar HD Nano USB DVB-T Freeview TV Tuner Call 49.00
TVAVTVUSBHDDVR AVerMedia C874 AverTV USB HD DVR Capture Station, Record 1080i HD Video to PC, Playback HD Video on TV or PC, Create Your Own AV Call 165.00
TVAVMA835 AVerMedia Volar Green HD USB TV Tuner AVM-A835 Call 35.64
TVDTVLTVC100 Leadtek Winfast VC100 U Video Editor Call 35.64
TVDTVAMMCREMOTE   AVerMedia USB AVerTV Volar HD Nano-Miniature HD TV Tuner A867R, Media Center Remote Control Included, Built-in IR Receiver, H.26 Call 50.60
TVDTVPXDVR3200H Leadtek PXDVR3200H PCIE Hybrid TV Tuner Call 72.60
MCPAVF236 AVerMedia AVM-F236 AVerCaster Combo Call 1,086.80
GAMEAVMC985E AVerMedia Live Gamer HD Lite PCI-E Capture Card AVM-C985E Call 109.00
VIDVIDEOEASYCAP EasyCAP USB Video Grabber/Capture and DVD Maker with Audio Call 17.33
GAMEAVC285 Avermedia Game Capture HD II C285 Record, Commentate, Edit and Upload without a PC Call 175.00
TVLDTVDONGLE   L-Dtv dongle Call 35.64
MCPAVC281 AVerMedia Gaming Capture HD C281 Standalone Device, Compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii Call 145.75
TVREMASNAS Asustor IR Remote Controller for AS-3 Call 31.46
TVAVVOLARUSBHD   AVerMedia USB 2.0 AVerTV Volar HD, Support H.264/MPEG-2 HDTV Call 34.98
TVDTVLTDONGLEDUAL Leadtek USB 2.0 LT-DONGLE-DUAL Winfast DTV Dongle Dual, Dual DVB-T Tuner , Supports digital TV recording, Scheduled Recording Call 43.90
TVAVGAMERPORTABLE AverMedia C875 Live Gamer Portable Records Gameplay in Full HD 1080P with Voice Commentary Call 195.00
MCPMBV1M2SRC Remote Control for Moonbox V1 and M2S (new and/or refurbished) Call 10.00
TVAVMC985 Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card C985 for PC Capture 1080p@60 HD Gameplay. Super Low CPU Consumption H.264 hardware encoder Call 162.07
GAMEAVGL310 AverMedia GL310 Live Gamer Portable LITE Call 139.00
CBTVRFMM10M TV/Video RF Cable M-M with Gender Changer 10m(CB-10M) Call 15.95
MCPASRCUV05   Astone RCU Remote Control for EP-05 (ACCSTORCUV05) Call 23.10
TVREMLOGHS Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control Call 125.00
MCPMBM3REMOTE   Remote Control for Moonbox 3 Call 10.00
SECGV650B16PCIE GeoVision GV650B-16-PCIE - 16 Channel Analogue Capture Card, PCIE x1, DVI Input Call 690.98
TVREMLOG915000244 Logitech Harmony 350 Remote Control PN 915-000244 Call 35.64
TVCAVEREZMK7 AVerMedia USB2.0 DVD EZMaker7 Call 56.67
GAMEAVCV710 AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3(CV710) USB3.0 Capture Box 30 Mbps 1080p 60fps Call 219.21
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