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How To Order

Online Quoting & Ordering (24/7 open for you!)

Apart from buying directly from our retail stores, we can also provide you with Online Quoting & Ordering through our website. Just add each item onto your shopping cart and then save as a quote before the final stage of the ordering if you want just a quote. Or else, go straight to check out to purchase.
Your quote or order is recorded in our systems. If it is only a quote, then it will only stay there for your future reference and nothing will be done to it. It will expire after a certain period of time. If it is a purchase, you will be contacted about your order within 24hours with shipping advice including availability and shipping charges. Do not pay before our shipping advice (by email normally).

Shipping Advise
It is customers' full responsibility to take up insurance (with an extra cost) for any mailing of goods purchased from ARC in any case. There will be no insurance on goods shipped unless specified by our customers. Customers are responsible for any unforeseeable damages or loss of goods in transit.

You will need to be a member of ARC before you can purchase online
Email your order details, quoting your member number (issued to you by us) and any payment details you wish us to know of.
For example direct deposit receipt number, change of credit card details, change of address.
Please note that any change of details must be forwarded with proof. Usually a scan of the original documents is sufficient.

Online ordering step no. 1:

Browse through and look for the products you prepare to order. Add them into your shopping cart by clicking the cart button of each item. When finish, click "Shopping Cart" on the top-right of the screen and/or click "Checkout Now" or "Save As a Quote". You can check and update your saved quote at any other time after logging in with your membership and hence go forward to order. Or if the quote is expired, then we can re-quote it on your behalf from our end on your request. Prices might change due to our prices get updated daily.

Note: Saving your shopping cart as a quote  is always recommended at any stage of your purchasing. It does not mean that you have  committed  to anything but just have a reference number for both you and our staff member to recover it in our system to save time on both sides. This quote number is unique in our system for any future reference.

Online ordering step no. 2:

After confirming your order, sit back and relax. ARC will send you a confirmation with shipping instruction if you are not going to pick up from any of our stores.

Online ordering step no. 3:

After receiving shipping a additional charges through email from ARC, select one of the following payment methods to finalise the purchase.

Payment Method A: (Direct Deposit - DD / Bank Account Transfer)

You will need to email or leave a message through our online ordering page of your deposit slip / receipt (scan copy or electronic copy) in order to speed up your payment process before finishing your purchase. 

Or, you might let us know how much and when (with time of the day) you deposited.

Note: Deposit slip should contain the time and date of the deposit, and amount. Best to put in your order number from your online purchase as reference when doing deposit. DD can be seem in our bank account after 24 - 48 hours depending our different banks.

Direct Deposit Details:

ARC Computer
BSB: 032 277
ACC: 157904
Westpac Bank, South Parramatta

ABN: 92 090 415 160

Phone: 02 97488 322

Call ahead to Arrange the order Then send the Deposit Slip and details of the order.
Please allow 1-2 working days for dispatching if goods are in stock.

Payment Method B : (PayPal - for DELIVERY from ARC warehouse ONLY)
Pay by PayPal through your PayPal account. On the check out session, you have an option of selecting PayPal. Then confirm the purchase.

After receiving your order, we will then calculate the shipping costs and email you with an exact shipping amount for you to add onto your purchase total. *3% surcharge on PayPal.

Once you receive the total amount from us, then pay through PayPal as you usually do with PayPal to our PayPal account. Then within 1-3 working days, your goods will be on its way to you.

Our PayPal a/c name is "". You don't need to remember it because it will be forwarded to you in the email that showing you the total charges including shipping costs.

*It is recommended that pay through PayPal should be from a PayPal-Verified Buyers or ARC reserves the right to not proceed with the sale and it might cost such customers the surcharge should we declined the transaction after you pay.

Payment Method C: (Credit Card)
Additional surcharges apply to all credit cards except EFTPOS. *3.2% surcharge on Amex and Diners, *1% on VISA and MasterCard.
Further proof of identity might be required to the discretion of ARC to stop un-authorised use of credit card:

* A copy of both sides of your credit Card
Showing the Card Holder's Signature.

* The Card Holders Drivers License
Clearly showing The Signature

* The Card Holders Signature

Note: For email orders that are to be done in this way. We might need the scans of the above. You can scan a letter for the order with the card holder's Signature. We do not recommend a third party picking up goods other than the credit card holder. In such case, an authorisation letter from card holder and a copy of driver licence and credit card will need to be provided in store. Even though, our managers have the right to refuse any of such transactions at any time due to the requirement from the banking institute.

There you are, all done. Your goods will be delivered to your door step in just a few days.

Thank you for shopping with ARC!

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please check availability when order.

We accept Australian Government Department Purchase Orders.

We accept

*3.2% surcharge on Amex and Diners, *3% surcharge on Paypal, *1% on VISA and MasterCard, flexirent conditions apply