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Magic Drawer CD/DVD Cases 10-stack

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Magic Drawer CD/DVD Cases 10-stack

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Magic Drawer CD/DVD Cases

Magic Drawer CD cases

This little cube of colourful, hard-to-photograph plastic is actually a block of 10 individual CD cases. It's sold as a single unit, under the illustrious title "Magic Drawer".

Quite a lot of IT products are, or have been, "magic" over the years. I'm not sure if this takes away from the concept, or helps ground its unreality. Either way, what we have at the end of the day here is a set of cases for CDs or DVDs.

The Magic Drawers do have a few tricks up their sleeves (no puns intended), though.

First of all, they're modular, and stackable.

Single Magic Drawer CD case

Here's a single tray. As you can see, it's made up of a couple of separate pieces of plastic, and can be opened like a normal CD jewel case.

Magic Drawer stacking system

The trays are stuck together using this Lego-brick arrangement at the back. The connectors are hinged, so you can fold them inwards and out of the way, which is nice if you want to carry around a single tray.

The connectors also let you stack blocks of the Magic Drawers as high as you like (within reason), so you can keep buying extra sets when you need to add to your collection.

Magic Drawers CD cases

The Magic Drawers' second trick is that they aren't just ordinary CD jewel cases. They're also (surprise surprise) drawers. You can pull them all out at once, like in the picture above...

Magic Drawers CD cases

...or, more practically, you can pull them out one at a time.

The drawers can be completely removed, and there's a pushbutton arrangement in the middle to release the disc from the holder which works significantly better than your standard jewel-case release mechanism.

There's not much else to say about the Magic Drawers, except that they're made out of the tough, softer plastic polypropylene (you can tell by the feel, but also more accurately by the resin identification code [well, sure, if you don't want to do it the interesting way... -Dan]), rather than the cheap, ever-so-crackable polystyrene that's used for normal CD jewel cases.

I thumped the Magic Drawers quite solidly (just to show them who was the boss) and all they did was bend temporarily.

You also get a set of stick-on labels for the drawers, and some little rubber feet, which you can use to better anchor your stack to the desk. W00t.

As far as disc stacking solutions go, I've seen far worse. If you need a relatively modest number of discs on hand, a few sets of Magic Drawers are a much better option than just stacking your jewel cases.

The Australian version of the Magic Drawers is branded as a "Skymaster" product, but like many OEM imports, the same thing's available under various other brands internationally.