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THRUSTMASTER T.16000M Flight Stick

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THRUSTMASTER T.16000M Flight Stick

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Thrustmaster T.16000M Joystick For PC


Product Code: TM-2960706

Quantity per Carton: 4


Founded in 1992, Thrustmaster has been proud to bring all of its know how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market. For nearly twenty years, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of gamer, by creating products for highly precise gaming experiences such as racing wheels and joysticks, along with fun accessories for gaming consoles. Reflecting their core values of "Passion, Innovation and Quality", Thrustmaster's goal is to allow users to enjoy a genuinely exceptional experience with its products and to make their gaming dreams a reality.


* Manufacturers name: T.16000M.
* Compatibility: PC.


* Fully ambidextrous joystick.
* 3 removable parts allowing left or right handed use.
* Piloting with a joystick in each hand possible in supported titles.
* H.E.A.R.T. 3D (Hall Effect) magnetic sensors.
* 4 independent axes.
* 16 buttons, 12 on base & 4 on the stick.
* Rudder controlled by rotating the stick.
* Multidirectional POV hat.
* Wide hand rest for reduced stress.
* Plug & play device offering extremely simple installation.
* Airbrake or rapid fire trigger.
* Weighted base for enhanced stability.

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