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Auluxe DEW AM2021 2.1 Wooden Speaker (black, White, Maple)

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Auluxe DEW AM2021 2.1 Wooden Speaker (black, White, Maple)

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 1. 2.1 channels system

2. One 5 1/4" woofer, one 1 1/2" full range and 1"
 dome tweeter for each left/right speaker
3. 3.5 mm aux. in jack for CD, DVD, MP3, TV,
1. Obtain German Reddot Design Award in 2009 and 2011.
2. Obtain American IDEA design award in 2010
3. Best listening angle at 16 upward degree
4. Handmade wooden cabinet
5. Mix Angroa wool fiber into driver cone
6. Sound generation is through reflection in inner cabinet as
 structure of high end sound system
7. Well integration in different material between aluminum
 and wood.
8. Additional 7-layer piano lacquer for white and balck model
9. Sturidy performance in low pitch