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Saitek Obsidian PM20 Wireless Mouse

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Saitek Obsidian PM20 Wireless Mouse

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Saitek Obsidian PM20 Wireless Mouse


Premium, rechargeable wireless mouse featuring innovative touch-sensitive scroll, optical technology for high speed, ultra accurate tracking, outstanding ergonomics and highly tactile materials, and stunning design.


Product Features

  • Superb design, complements any home/office environment

  • Touch-sensitive scroll area with state-of-the-art capacitance-sensing technology to provide four control modes: up and down scroll, single notch scroll, scroll hold and scroll lock.

  • 1,000 DPI optical technology for high speed, ultra accurate tracking

  • Outstanding ergonomics and highly tactile materials for maximum grip and comfort.

  • Internal weights and Teflon feet for smooth, controlled glide in any direction, no matter how uneven the surface

  • 2.4GHz wireless technology ensures instant, interference-free operation with complete freedom of movement.

  • Unique mouse cradle and charger with PC-USB connection.

  • Two Li-ion battery packs plus enhanced power management system to ensure 24/7 power availability with no downtime.

  • Left, right and centre buttons, and internet forward and backward buttons on both sides to suit left- or right-handers. Plug and play; ease of use and set up