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VIIA Charge Holster, Rehcargable 400mAh Battery Holster, for smartphones under 5"

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VIIA Charge Holster, Rehcargable 400mAh Battery Holster, for smartphones under 5"

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VIIA Charge Holster is designed to fit most smartphones under 5″ screen for most major phone brands: Apple: iPhone 6 (4/7"), iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s HTC: One, Desire Motorola: Droid, Moto X Sony: Xperia Samsung: Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, S5 LG: G2, Optimus Nokia: Lumia To charge your phone, simply connect the USB cable to the standard USB (output) socket of VIIA Portable Charger, and connect the micro-USB to the phone's micro-USB socket, the charger automatically starts charging the phone without having to pushing the switch button on the charger. The status lights on the portable charger will be lit while charging.



  • Compatible with most major brands smartphones under 5" - iPhone 6 (4.7")
  • Ultra thin - 4000mAh Lithium Polymer Portable Charger
  • Hanging and clipping to briefcases, bags and belt
  • Charge your phone on the go
  • Keeps your phone and power source right by your side


The 4000 mAh VIIA Charger Holster, is designed to fit most smartphones under 5” screen size for most major phone brands: Apple, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG, Huawei, and ZTE etc. It is a thin and portable charger which allows your smartphone to charge on the go.

The modern solution to portable charging comes in the form of a slim holster with a belt clip and belt loop to fasten onto briefcases, bags,jeans etc. Your smartphone rests inside the holster and is secured inside with a magnetic flip cover. This also allows for a quick, hassle free access to your handset.

Supplying the Charger and Holster with its power is an unbelievably thin 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium Power Pack. To connect the source to your smartphone, just plug in the USB cable, and voila!

*The Charge leather case/holster is designed for smartphone size up to 5". In the early stage of using charge leather case/holster it may be tighter and as the leather absorbs the traces of our living, it matures, gets softer and fit the the smartphone nicely depending on your lifestyle and how you use your product.


Additional Features

Color: Grey
Material: Synthetic leather
Dimensions: 7.4 inches (188.0 mm)(H) x 3.62 inches (92.0 mm)(W)
Depth: 0.72 inch (18.5mm)
Compatibility: Fit most smartphones under 5" screen size, Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Gaxlaxty 5, HTC One, Desire, Sony Xperia, LG G2, Optimus, Motorola Droid, Moto X, Nokia Lumia, Huawei Ascend P6
Cell type: Lithium-polymer
Capacity: 3.7V / 4000mAh
Material: Aluminum Alloy & ABS
Dimensions: 4.56 inches (116 mm)(H) x 2.56 inches (65 mm) (W)
Depth: 0.334 inch (8.5mm)
Input: 5V / 1000mA
Output: 5V / 1000mA
Power efficiency: 80%
Battery Life: 500 cycles
Storage Temperature: -10° ~ 50°