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Leadtek Quadro P5000 Graphic Card

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Leadtek Quadro P5000 Graphic Card

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Leadtek nVidia Quadro P5000 PCIe Workstation Card 16GB DDR5 4xDP1.4 DVI 4x5120x2880@60Hz 256-Bit 288GB/s 2560 Cuda Core Dual Slot Full Height

Quadro P5000
powered by NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU technology, features 16 GB memory capacity and enables an Designs become more complex over time. Visual effects grow in size and scope. Scientific visualization and compute problems continue to push the boundaries of workstation capabilities. VR is changing all facets of entertainment, design, engineering, architecture, and medicine. As professional workflows grow in size and complexity, the demand for visual compute power grows with it. The NVIDIAR Quadro P5000 workstation graphics card, powered by NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU technology, features 16 GB memory capacity and enables an expansive visual workspace with quad display outputs. Work with larger models, complex visual effects and simulations, larger rendering tasks, and more lifelike VR experiences in your workflow today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

P5000 Performance & Features
This next-generation product is based on NVIDIA Pascal architecture and delivers up to 70% more visualization performance than the NVIDIA Maxwell™-based Quadro M5000.
Ultra-fast GDDR5X on-board graphics memory provides nearly 2 times faster memory performance than the previous generation. With 16GB of GDDR5X memory, customers can work with larger models, scenes, and assemblies with improved interactive manipulation performance

CUDA Parallel Processing cores 2560
Frame Buffer Memory 16 GB GDDR5x
Peak Single-Precision Performance Up to 8.9 TFlOPs
Memory Interface 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth Up to 288 GB/s
Max Power Consumption 180 W
Graphics Bus PCI Express 3.0 x16
Display Connectors DP 1.4 (4), DVI-D (1)
Form Factor 4.4” H x 10.5” L Dual Slot
Product Weight 815g
Thermal Solution Active
NVIDIA® 3D Vision® and 3D Vision Pro Support via 3 pin mini DIN
Quadro Sync Compatible (with Quadro Sync II)