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Coaxial Cable Stripper ptk

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Coaxial Cable Stripper ptk

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Cable Stripper


 Coaxial Cable Stripper

It is used for multi cable with wire diameter below 8mm, with adjustable wire diameter, adjustable blade depth, two-knife type and coaxial wire forming. It is a cost-effective coaxial wire stripping knife.
The V seat can be adjusted to the required wire diameter specification.
Rotate 3 to 6 turns clockwise to peel off the quilt at a time and retain the core portion.
Adjust the stripping depth according to different wire diameters
Using this knife cutting method for the -5, -7 braided mesh cable. The speed of the cable to be stripped is not easy to grasp. Use this stripping knife to strip the cable in an instant.
The stripping knife can strip the -5, -7 woven mesh cable, there are 2 blades inside, one peeling off the outer sheath and the foam, exposing the core wire, and peeling off the outer sheath to expose the woven mesh. The cable size to be stripped can be automatically controlled. An internal hex wrench is attached to adjust the depth of the blade.
Method to use: 
Align the end of the cable to be stripped with the end of the stripping knife, A few turns clockwise,  
When peeling the -7 cable, you need to adjust the depth of the blade with the included Allen key.
Applicable: -4, -5, -6, -7 cable
Weight : 30g