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Services we provide

  • Warranty: Apart from manufacturer’s warranty, ARC provide full range of services to our customers. We also provide Third-Party Onsite Warranty from UEE (United Electrical Engineering) as an option: ask in store now!
  • Repairs: ARC provides repairs for all types of x086 machines (IBM compatibles), from your older Pentium to latest Quad Core Eight Core model, whether Desktops or Laptop/Notebooks. (See below for laptop hardware repair price list)
    We also provide full range of parts for any repairs.
  • Upgrading: We can provide you with all the parts necessary to upgrade your machine and professional opinions.
  • Data Recovering:
  • 1. Data Recovery for notebook/laptop with/without working computer CPU but a working hard disk drive while you have important information on the computer that you need to retrieve/back up its data, ARC can help and price can be quoted (Usually $80).
  • 2. Data Recovery for faulty hard disk drive can be quoted with an evaluation fee of $130 and give a full quotation on how much to recover on what files (title detail). Price ranging from $700 to $1800 depending on each severity of damage hard disk. Lead time is 6 to 12 working days.
  • Service / Labor Charges: (Laptop hardware repair price see the bottom of this page)
  • Time charges:
  • < 15 minutes $30 (This includes the initial inspection charge should the job is not going ahead)
  • > 15 and < 30 minutes $50
  • > 30 minutes < 1 hour $80
  • > 1 hour $100+
  • Excluding diagnosis time:
    • Installing memory, CD-RW, Video card, sound card or similar jobs: from $10
    • Format HDD, Installing Windows OS and drivers: from $50
    • Installing MB or HDD with windows installation; Laptop repair: from $60
    • Virus and Malware repair service (with/without OS installation): from $80
    • Virus and Malware repair service (with backup data): $from $100
  • Express Service: We also provide express service
    Same day service
    • < 15 minutes - $60
    • > 15 and < 30 minutes - $100
    • > 30 minutes < 1 hour - $160
    • > 1 hour - $200
  • On-site service: We provide on-site service for home and business. Specialized in small networking jobs and Internet setups .
    • Call-out fee: $120 (Sydney metro or 15km from any ARC stores)
    • First hour is free
    • After first hour: $80/hr

    Major on - site jobs will need a separate quote from ARC head office.

    • Unless proven to be a workmanship fault or faulty parts, there will not be warranty for onsite job due to the fact that most onsite problems have a nature of repetitiveness like virus, malware and / or error of settings etc.
  • Check out the Disclaimer for your convenience

ARC Laptop Service Price List*

Normal service turn-around time
(Parts in-stock)

2-4 business days

Normal service turn-around time
(Parts not-in-stock)

5-7 business days


Laptop Repair

Price (Inc GST) (Part + Labor)

Laptop Screen

8.9" to 10.1"


10.2" to 15.6"


16" to 17.3"


18.4" or above


Laptop Screen video Cable

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop Inverter

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop Hinge

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop keyboard

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop motherboard

All Brand

Quote for Price

Video Card or Chip set

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop Power Jack

All Brand (NO MAC)


Laptop Fan Repair

All Brand


** Above prices are for popular laptop models **



1. All Apple/Mac Laptop Repair may charge additional $40 due to cost of the part and complication of installation.

2. Some laptops may contain special or unique part.  We will diagnose and quote before repairing. In case customer does not want to go ahead, minimum charge $50

3. Please make sure the customer back up the data before giving to us for repairing. We are not cover any possible lost of data/info during repairs. 

4. All repairs covered by a three months warranty on the same fault.

  • ARC Support contacts:

For products purchased from ARC within warranty period (12 months usually), please contact ARC Warranty.

Or contact your local ARC branches.


We accept Australian Government Department Purchase Orders.

We accept

*3.2% surcharge on Amex and Diners, *3% surcharge on Paypal, *1% on VISA and MasterCard, flexirent conditions apply